Saturday Night Live: Zooey Deschanel And Karmin

I thought Zooey’s episode of Saturday Night Live was pretty strong, overall. I’m not sure what the current attitude is with Zooey — if people are disliking her these days, or what. I’m not even sure if I’M disliking her these days, though I think I am, but only a little bit? I don’t know. Keeping track of the list of celebrities a person doesn’t particularly like is VERY hard work. But I do know that she certainly wasn’t doing herself any favors with that opening monologue! Ugh. And I am aware that it was done in a way — having her talk about her heart dress, having her play a dumb song on ukulele — that was like, “Uh, yeah, it’s SUPPOSED to be annoying and kind of poke fun at the Zooey Deschanel character,” but really it was only annoying and the amount that it was actually poking fun at the character compared with the actual amount that it just WAS the character was way too blurred, PLUS THERE WEREN’T ANY JOKES! Just say a dang joke, that what I’m thinking. But the rest of the episode was pretty strong, for the most part having to do with the cast itself rather than Zooey’s (kind of minimal) inclusion in the sketches. Oh, plus the musical guest Karmin was VERY good. Why haven’t I heard of those guys before? So good, super made a lot of sense, totally wasn’t confused about anything about the people or the music they were making or the decision to have them play on SNL just kidding. Let’s talk about some sketches!

Bill Hader’s Clint Eastwood Chrysler Ads were very good the whole night, no duh. The first one was great and then the second and third ones were also great, probably even better than the first, which is very rarely the case for recurring commercial pieces on SNL. Usually, at least for me, after the first one they start feeling like REAL commercials. And I feel like, UGH CAN’T WE JUST FAST FORWARD OVER THESE COMMERCIALS. But not with these guys! Very good. A+.

The “Les Jeunes De Paris” sketches are always so great. I’m very happy that they exist. (Also it was the first of two recurring sketches they did with Zooey that they also did with Emma Stone, which doesn’t really mean anything, but I noticed it mainly because of how I didn’t really like “Technology Hump” this time around since there wasn’t anything new since last time around.) And also, Jean Dujardin was there! Hooray! I still haven’t seen your movie but I like you anyway!

The “Piers Morgan” sketch was mainly good just because of Taran Killam’s Piers Morgan impression. The MIA stuff was fine, I didn’t really care for the LMFAO and Madonna portions, and Zooey’s character was funny but seemed kind of like she was in there just because Zooey had to be included in the sketch somehow. But. That Piers Morgan impression! V good job, Taran Killam.

I feel kind of similarly about the newspaper sketch. The cast were all great in this one, but they really couldn’t drag Zooey along with them. Her not-old-timey character, even though I do like the idea, brought down the whole thing. Maybe it was because she said “I don’t know” WAY too many times? Like, yeah I get it, you don’t know what they’re saying. Can’t YOU say anything else? No? Just “I don’t know”? ZOOEY?!

Weekend Update’s “Get in the Cage” with the real Nic Cage was great, even though the real Nic Cage barely did anything. It would’ve been better had he been more a part of it, but — to be honest — he didn’t REALLY need to be. Just having him there was funny enough. Good job, boys!

The “Bein’ Quirky” sketch was obviously going to happen, and even though Mary Kate Olsen and Michael Cera are barely people who even exist anymore (Björk just put out an album and an iPad app, so she was actually the most relevant of the three?), I STILL LIKED IT! I thought everybody was good in it, and I especially liked Kristen Wiig as Björk. I don’t care what anybody says!!!!

And finally, Karmin, our new favorite band, performed two songs from their upcoming instant classic album. The only thing I can say about them for real that isn’t in an annoyingly heavy sarcastic voice is still equally as annoying and pointless because it is only two words and those two words are: “the fuck?” Why didn’t they just play Whitney Houston songs off of a CD in the dark? It’s absolutely crazy how much better that would have been.

Speaking of, next week Maya Rudolph will be hosting! TOO SOON!