OUR Generation’s Rebecca, 4 Real

I know that all this time you were thinking that Rebecca Black was our generation’s Rebecca, and that they could stop trying to give our generation a Rebecca because we already have one and she’s perfect thankyouverymuch, but NOPE! You were wrong. Check it out the evidence of how wrong you were, from Variety:

DreamWorks and Working Title Films are embarking on a feature remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic mystery ”Rebecca,” that will be written by ”Eastern Promises” scribe Steven Knight, who will go back to the original book by Daphne DuMaurier.

Story follows a naive young woman who marries a rich widower and settles in his gigantic mansion, only to find that the memory of the first wife maintains a grip on her husband and the servants.

PERFECT! A remake of Hitchcock’s classic film, Rebecca. Super good idea. If we’re going to make it through the project of rebooting every single movie ever made, it just MAKES SENSE to get the only Hitchcock film to ever win an Academy Award for Best Picture out of the way early on. Definitely needs some work, definitely needs maybe Kristen Stewart and Channing Tatum to star in it this time. Fantastic jobs all around, let’s all drink all the champagne we have under our big Hollywood money desks (24 emergency bottles) and then hire someone expensive to have sex with! #rebeccablack4rebecca