Thursday Night TV Open Thread: Valentine’s Day!

Parks and Recreation aired their (perfect) Valentine’s Day episode last week, leaving this week open for a SUPER-SIZED 30 Rock. And guess what! It was also very good! A nonstop joyride, beginning right when Criss showed Liz the Jetpack Blooper viral video, famously included in Videogum’s “Best Viral Videos of 2011″ retrospective video. It was real dumb how excited I was to watch that video again on 30 Rock. Great clip. I may or may not have said, “OH THIS IS A GOOD VIDEO!” right when he started playing the video, to whoever was in the room with me. Hahah. Maybe 30 Rock should just be a viral video clip show? Just thinking out loud. Anyway, there has been some talk lately about the shifting of Liz from a competent but frazzled leader, to a feeble-minded girl who trusts the opinion of Jack — who was once one of the more absurd characters — more than her own. And, yes! I agree with this! And I think that’s one of the problems that leads to the show feeling kind of tired — playing on the same jokes that were funny in the past because they were balanced with reality, but without the reality part. I’m hoping that now that the Criss plot line seems more stable, Liz will bounce back from her weak period (“I just got my period”) and find some of that old self-assuredness. But WHO KNOWS? Maybe she won’t and then we’ll all live and we’ll still have weekends and be happy and then the show will end. Also: Kristen Schaal is the best and I hope she never leaves. The only thing I have to say about this week’s episode of The Office is that UGH, I HATE THAT NEW GIRL SO MUCH! I not only hate who her character is, but I also hate that they just brought in this dumb new girl for no reason and barely even introduced her, just so she could stir up this dumb Jim controversy. Nobody wants that! Argh I hate it so much. I also watched Up All Night and it was fine! WHAT DID YOU THINK?