Feel Better About Yourself Soon, Robert Pattinson!

Aww, here’s a bit of sad news. (Both “sad” and “news” being used the way they’ve always been intended, everything’s going great.) In a recent interview with The Herald Scotland, Robert Pattinson spoke about how his involvement in and the reaction to the Twilight franchise have changed the way he looks at filmmaking. The things college courses in 2015 will be made of, no doubt. Though you’d predict his response might be something like, “They changed how I didn’t know movies could be so good,” his answer is actually something QUITE DIFFERENT! And very sad. Here is the quote, from Us, which is the source I’m quoting it from even though I’ve already stated that it’s originally from another source:

“Doing something like Twilight opens doors and it closes others. You can say, ‘Oh if I was still unknown, then no one would judge me,'” Pattinson said. “But at the same time, nobody would give a shit either.”

Oh, Robert. You poor, poor baby. We all go through times of self-doubt — times of thinking that no one would give a shit about us, had we not been a part of whatever very successful franchise we’re a part of currently. That’s just life. Ups and downs. So I’ve put together a little something for you, and I hope it brightens your day — even just the slightest bit.

I hope it finds you in good health, Robert Pattinson. Remember that you are loved.