Thursday Night TV Open Thread

Lately — especially in this season — 30 Rock has felt, to me, unusually tired. They’ve been doing the same thing every season of their entire lives, and I don’t mean that in a bad way because what they’re doing is great generally (you’re welcome, Tina Fey) (this is an honor for you), but it makes sense that the formula feels worn. What doesn’t really make sense, I guess, is how it hadn’t really felt that worn (again, to me) UNTIL lately/this season. But whatever, anyway, I’m saying all of these words to get to the point that last night actually kind of felt good again! Right? Like it used to feel, back when we were all freshly in love with 30 Rock. Maybe it was because of Kristen Schaal? Ugh, she is the best. Kristen Schaal 4 on this show 4ever. Or maybe it was because of the Liz and Jack using Jack’s negotiation techniques plot line that was so great. WHO KNOWS? Who knows what makes a TV episode good. Only God. Why even try to figure it out. Speaking of good TV episodes, Parks and Recreation is ALWAYS a good TV episode! It’s difficult to have to talk about that show every week without just saying ILOVEITILOVEITILOVEIT. The one thing that DID upset me was Leslie’s scavenger hunt or whatever for Ben. Only because if anyone ever did that for me I would be so upset and I wouldn’t even try to do it and I would call them and we would break up, FELLAS! Andy was perfect when he broke the glass, obviously. Great episode. The only disappointing part was when it was a Valentines Day episode, meaning I guess we won’t get a new episode next week. BOOOOOO! The Office was fine. I like the idea that Dwight is the father of Angela’s baby! But Jim’s jury duty plot line wasn’t really doing it for me. It seemed like something that would have worked well in one of the earlier seasons, but now that Jim and Pam are married and boring and Michael Scott turned into Andy, it’s kind of harder to remain interested in any of their wacky shenanigans. But maybe you don’t think so! WHAT DO YOU THINK?!