Tina Fey Won’t Bond With The Roots: UPDATE!

On Monday night, The Roots’ and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’s Questlove appeared on Bravo’s What What Happens: Live (for ??? reasons) and had a few not-too-kind things to say about Tina Fey. And as it turns out, Tina Fey was scheduled to appear on Late Night the next night! Meaning, last night. So Questlove appeared on Watch What Happens: Live (for ??? reasons) and badmouthed Tina Fey the night before she was going to be on his show? Providing publicity for Watch What Happens: Live, which just starting airing five times a week, 30 Rock, which comes back tomorrow, and Questlove, who, I DON’T KNOW? Works for NBC just like the rest of them?! Listen, I’m not a showbiz detective. I just don’t like to get MESSED WITH. By people I thought I could trust! PEOPLE FROM PHILADELPHIA! ON LATE NIGHT TALK SHOWS! BADMOUTHING EACH OTHER! Those were all my first thoughts. But then I watched the clip of Tina Fey on Late Night and now I kind of want to believe that it was all genuine? Feelings are difficult. The heart wants what it wants. And my heart wants to believe that Questlove perceived some sort of slight coming from Tina Fey in the past, and they talked about it on TV, ate a hoagie, and now everything is better.

See? Don’t you want to believe it all? They both seem pretty awkward about it! I’ve already decided that I believe it so I don’t care what you think. But in order to really settle their beef they really should’ve done a citywide together, RIGHT? PHILLY! Remember me, Questlove?! I saw you at Honey’s! (Thanks for the tip, Scott!)