Wait, What IS Your Holiday Vacation Viewing List?

Man, is the Internet DEAD today, or whut?! Christmas isn’t for 12 hours! GET BACK TO WORK! Just kidding, I don’t care. I get it. I’m on board. Let’s all lay down for a minute. Hold on, I’m going to go light a candle that smells like pine trees. I’m not joking. Hold on. OK. Candle’s lit. We’re all in the spirit now, you and me and this fucking candle. (Fun fact, I’ve had this candle for six years now. When it comes to finishing candles, these things can’t be rushed. Listen for the rest of my story about the candle on this week’s The Moth.) But, as everyone winds down and gets distracted by treats and naps and whatever else everyone is doing instead of CREATING CONTENT, let’s talk about everyone’s Holiday Vacation Viewing List. Have you made yours yet? Dude, you better make yours. Christmas is in 12 hours! Here’s what I’m planning to watch: Contagion, Warrior, Bad Teacher, Our Idiot Brother, Crazy Stupid Love, Downton Abbey Season 2, The Hour, and Breaking Bad Season 4. Oh, and maybe The Future. Oh, and if I can swing it, I’m going to try and see this Mission Impossible: Dubai Nights on the IMAX. That’s so much stuff. We’re gonna need a bigger holidays!