Best New Party Game 61: Passive-Aggressive Movie Titles

Last week, McSweeney’s published one of their famous lists that just happens to follow the classic Best New Party Game model: Passive-Aggressive Movie Titles. Good thinking, McSweeney’s. Good party game. So, let’s all pour ourselves a glass of egg nog which is definitely our first glass of egg nog of the day and we have not been drinking egg nog all day HAHAHAHHAHAH don’t be ridiculous this is the first one don’t be crazy, and let’s play this game! As always, I will do the honors of going first, because this is my house, and you have to let me win. (See? I know how games work.)

  • I Don’t Know How She Does It, Not That I Care
  • Too Fast Too Furious. Are You Even Listening?
  • Everyone Says I Love You. Must Be Nice!
  • I’m Still Here, If That Means Anything To Anyone
  • Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead This Time Maybe
  • Something’s Gotta Give, You’d Think, But What Do I Know, Right?

This game is fun enough, I guess. BOOM! Just scored two extra points. Your turn.