Oh Jeeze, Now We Have To Worry About Being Techno-Dunces?

It’s so hard to exist in this world. People are always trying to talk to you and you have to think of something to say back to them, and you have to pick out clothes to wear EVERY SINGLE DAY, and sometimes you get sick and it’s like, Jesus Christ, I was having a hard enough time with all of this bologna while I was healthy! Now I’m sick?! It’s tough to catch a break. Which is why coming across this music video (kind of?) that apparently aired on MTV in the ’80s, though I’m not sure in which context it would have aired because I’m not even 100% sure what it is or why it exists, about a girl getting song-taunted for being a “techno-dunce” by her ENTIRE computer class was so disconcerting. …You’re not allowed to be a techno-dunce?! And if you are a techno-dunce, people dressed in animal costumes (??) are going to yell and sing at you in a style vaguely reminiscent of the Dead Milkmen, like some sort of horrible drug-fueled nightmare? BUT! BUT I DON’T WANNA NOT BE A TECHNO-DUNCE!

God damnit, Adam! I don’t care what your dad says! COMPUTERS ARE HARD! AND TERRIFYING! (Via LaughingSquid.)