Thursday Night TV Open Thread: Holiday Episodes!

HOLIDAY EPISOOOOOOOOOODEEEESSSS! What a wonderful night. I’m not even going to pretend like I can unbiasedly judge a holiday episode of a TV show — THEY’RE ALL GREAT! But, I do think that these holiday episodes were all legitimately very good. While I don’t care about Glee or making jokes about Glee, Community’s psychological thriller aspect (l.o.l.) was VERY appealing. Also the songs. And Annie’s extra-dumb Christmas song in particular was great. And when the dean said, “Aw, Britta’s in this?” THAT WAS VERY FUNNY! Taran Killam was also good. Goodbye, Community! See you later, I hope! Parks & Recreation was an A+. While I do love Community, Parks & Rec definitely does the “feel good” aspect in a better and much more genuine way. And since both of them do the “feel good” thing every single episode, not that I’m complaining, just saying, I’m starting to lean more towards the Parks & Recreation version. (Which is good I guess because maybe RIP Community.) Andy was great the entire episode. Aziz explaining the fudge was great. It was all great. And then THE OFFICE was even good! Ellie Kemper is very funny and it’s great when she’s allowed to be very funny, like she was in this episode. I’m looking forward to lots of Ellie Kemper GIFs. (“How many drinks have you had?” “A thousand.”) I also enjoyed her scoliosis joke because, as a young woman with scoliosis myself, I can take — with a laugh of understanding — a certain amount of good natured nerdy girl scoliosis jokes that somehow hit the nail on the head every single time. But then when It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia ALSO OPENED WITH A NERDY SCOLIOSIS JOKE? That was a bit much. “I get it.” That episode was pretty good, too, though. Not one of the best this season, but it has been an oddly good season sooooo. Ronald McDonald. Also The League was pretty good! WHAT DID YOU THINK? Happy Holidays!