Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Ms. Cool Disguise

We’ve encountered a number of masters of disguise over the years, but all of them, to date, have been men. There was, of course, the original Mr. Cool Disguise: Charlie Sheen. And who could forget when Mel Gibson took the Mr. Cool Disguise mantle for himself? Briefly, you may recall, Spencer Pratt was Mr. Cool Disguise, and even Matthew McConaughey was doing the best he could for awhile. But it’s the ’90s, so it was only a matter of time before a WOMAN threw her Diane Keaton hat into the ring. Check out Jennifer Love Hewitt! You can hardly recognize her with that subtle blanket thrown over her head. Now, obviously, for women it is a little harder (but isn’t it always? Ladies?!) to be a master of disguise because they don’t have the option of wearing a fake mustache, which is usually pretty key. In general, if you want to disguise your appearance you’re going to need a fake mustache. MINIMUM. Whatever bells and whistles you want to add after that is up to you (see: Charlie Sheen’s “briefcase,” Mel Gibson’s “hat”). It might take a few years for these Ms. Cool Disguises to figure out their own bag of tricks (wigs? racist face paint?) but until then, I think we can all agree that throwing a blanket on your head is a pretty great disguise. Who is that? Oh, it’s Jennifer Love Hewitt. But I didn’t know for a second! Just kidding, I knew right away because I was told. (Via TheSuperficial. Thanks for the tip, Mark.)