These Two New Clips From The Upcoming Season Of Portlandia Make Us All Even More Excited For The Upcoming Season Of Portlandia

Obviously, you are excited for season 2 of Portlandia, which starts in January. We all are. That show is so good! (You are also very excited about the third season of Justified, right? Right. It’s almost as if January is going to make up for EVERYTHING.) I liked the first season of Portlandia so much, and then a couple of months ago I actually went to Portland for the first time and holy moly, I didn’t realize this show was a DOCUMENTARY. The first thing we did when we got there was go out to lunch, as is the custom when one arrives in Portland, and the first thing the waitress did when we got to the restaurant was apologize that the soup of the day wasn’t gluten free!!!! WOWOWOWOW!!! Then, when my friend asked her about a particular item on the menu, she said, “Oh, it’s really good. There were actually a couple of bloggers in here the other day who ordered that and I saw them taking pictures of it and blogging about it.” PORTLAND, YOU ARE A MIRROR ONTO YOURSELF! Do you know that episode in season one where Carrie goes to the fancy advertising agency and there’s a giant bird’s nest in it? Well, uh, I went to that advertising agency and THERE IS A GIANT BIRD’S NEST IN IT. Portland imitates Portlandia imitates Portland, and cetra. Anyway, with the new season coming up, there are a couple of new clips on-line to promote the show and they are after the jump and they are great.

“It’s funny because it’s true. I’m a dog.” – Birdie.

The second clip is maybe even better (whuuuut?!) but unfortunately, it’s not embeddable because God forbid we don’t all become Facebook friends with a thing for once. But at least there is no shame in letting the world know that you like Portlandia. So, if you click on the screencap below it will take you to the “Come to My DJ Night” clip on Facebook. It’s worth it, I think?

This is a good show and I was already excited for it and I continue to be excited for it. It’s nice to like things and be excited about them sometimes! I mean that literally, by the way, not throw-away click-buttonly. Facebook Facebook Facebook. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!