UNDENIABLE Evidence: Aliens Are Flying Over Russia!

Grab your tinfoil hats! Grab your alien emergency kit that you packed and left by the door just in case this kind of scenario ever happened, not that you’re someone who lives their life based on fear but just because you’re rational and understand that sometimes bad things DO happen and you like to be prepared! Grab anything that you may have purchased since you packed that bag, especially any kind of clothing that you like, and try to shove that in the bag! Then grab your top 50 albums of 2011 except maybe leave Watch the Throne in the garbage because if we reward people for giving us the very least of their abilities then they may never try hard again, and GET OUT OF TOWN!!!!!!!!!!

I know this is tough to hear, as we’ve had a rash of alien activity lately leaving us all on edge, but it is being reported by this YouTube account that strange UFOs were recently seen flying over Russia. From the YouTube description:

Two comet like UFOs blazed a trail over the skies of Adygeysk, Russia, November 2011. Objects obviously under intelligent control, only question is, what are they?

Uh, I don’t know YouTube account, just guessing here, I may be totally off base and I don’t want to put words in any extraterrestrial mouth-like speaking structures, but, uh, MAYBE THEY’RE ALIENS? Ever heard of them? Here, maybe this’ll jog your memory: THEY’RE CURRENTLY TAKING OVER THE PLANET. And they often look like remote controlled fireworks. YOU BE THE JUDGE!

[Ed. Note: Kelly couldn’t be here to close the post because, due to the imminent danger showcased in the above footage, she has left town with her emergency kit and all of her favorite albums of the past year. Where will she go? She wouldn’t say. She left us with only one clue, that she was headed “someplace beyond the stars.” Will she fly a spaceship to space? Did she take her eternal nap? Is she actually just in a tunnel below Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, and what she said was a fun riddle? That is not for us to know. Oh but she also wanted to add this: “I’ll see you all in hell, especially Jay Z and Kanye West, not because I don’t like them but because I DO.” She will be missed!] (Via UniqueDaily.)