Kids Singing “Judy Is A Punk” Are The REAL Punks

As far as groups of children singing songs that cool adults like go, the New York City public school chorus at PS22 already has the market cornered. They’ve performed at the Oscars and on Oprah and they’re very cute and well put together and inspirational and every mom has already emailed their videos to all of the adult children in America and they’ve all gotten no email response back. And that’s fine. Good for PS22! But not all of us need our singing children videos to be quite so tidy, because not all of us are a bunch of POSERS! And that is where this OTHER group of children led by a hip young white male singing songs that cool adults like comes in! The Sullivan School kindergarten class in Seoul, South Korea, singing their completely ridiculous version of The Ramones’ “Judy Is a Punk” with almost no real words and lots of pogoing. Finally, a group of children singing songs that cool adults like for OUR subculture.

To be fair, those are also the only words that I know. The kids also do an incredible version of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” but I’d like to request a few more:

  • Dead Kennedys, “Terminal Preppie”
  • Minor Threat, “Minor Threat”
  • Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, “The Ballad Of The Sin Eater”
  • The Germs, “Lexicon Devil”
  • Crass, “You’ve Got Big Hands”
  • Dinosaur Jr., “Feel the Pain”
  • Dead Milkmen, “Punk Rock Girl”
  • Misfits, “Astro Zombies”
  • Jawbreaker, “Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault”
  • Screaming Females, “Boyfriend”
  • The Adolescents, “I Hate Children”

ALL SONGS! Just do all of them. (Thanks for the tip, Helena!)