This Is A Very Cute Short Film About Class Picture Day

There’s this moment in Kelly Conaboy’s least favorite movie of all time, You Can Count On Me, when Laura Linney and Mark Ruffalo are having an argument about Mark Ruffalo’s influence on her young son, Rory Culkin, and she says something to the effect that the little boy is going to learn that the world is fucked up and terrible and that people are awful soon enough on his own and that he doesn’t need any help from Mark Ruffalo. (Man, that is a really great movie. I do not understand why Kelly hates it so much!) I think about this kind of thing sometimes, because even if one does have what one considers to be a rational and open-eyed view towards the bitter realities of existence and the infinite combinations of pain and suffering that are available to each and every one of us if we just wait around long enough, sometimes it’s like, so what? It certainly doesn’t make you any happier to be aware of these “truths,” and it doesn’t make the pain of them any more bearable just because you know everyone suffers through them, or whatever. The whole thing is kind of a joke, and at the end of the day maybe it would be nice to just be some dumb old blob farting into his couch somewhere (haha, as if existential despair and farting into your couch are some somehow mutually exclusive. DISPROVEN!) Or someone really dumb, like a child. Those guys don’t know anything! What a bunch of fudge-smeared idiots. Anyway, this short film called School Portrait is basically about that. It has a very cheesy ending, but right up until the cheesy ending that is kind of a disappointment it is actually quite charming and cute. So, watch it:

See? It doesn’t all have to be hee haws and glum glums. Sometimes it’s just enough to see some kids smile. (No pedo.) It’s a nice day outside. Tomorrow’s Friday. We aren’t dead yet! (Via Pajiba.)