Would-Be Presidential Nominee, Governor Rick Perry, Thinks The Voting Age Is 21 And The Election Is November 12th

Speaking in Manchester, New Hampshire, in the run-up to that state’s upcoming primary election, hopeful Republican nomination candidate, Texas governor Rick Perry, asked the youth of America to support him in his race for the White House. Well, some of the young people. To be specific, he called upon anyone who would turn 21 before November 12th of next year to cast their votes in his favor. Huh. First of all, the voting age in this country is still 18. I don’t think I’m being particularly controversial or kicking up too much dust in saying that. How mad are is everyone that I’m pushing such hot buttons? It’s also not unimportant that the election is on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, not Monday, November 12th. Now hey. Hey! Running for a major party nomination, much less the actual President Bartlettcy, is, based on the articles I’ve read in the Best Buy circular Parade magazine, is excruciating and exhausting. I’m sure that governor Rick Perry knows the actual voting age is 18 and that his sleep-deprived brain just slipped a widget and he said 21 but he meant 18 and he knows it’s 18 and also 18. And he was only off about election day by six days, which, you know, not bad, although it is still relevant insofar as being six days off only matters in grenades and horse shoes or whatever. But what I’m saying is that none of us, NOT A SINGLE ONE OF US, could pull off a campaign like this, and we are all only human, including Rick Perry, who is NOT, as some suspect, a Toupee Factory Security Team Cyborg. But here’s the thing about being human:

I don’t think you’re actually allowed to be THAT human when you want to be president. Like, we all understand what RIck Perry meant and we are all still going to vote for him as Vice President on the Herman Cain ticket (I believe yesterday when Herman Cain announced that he was “reassessing his candidacy” that he meant he was determining that he was DEFINITELY going to be President) but, you know, it is kind of a detail-oriented job. You kind of need to know what you’re saying. That way you don’t get up to the podium and announce “That is why we are going to war with China I MEAN IRAN I MEANT IRAN, YOU GUYS KNOW I MEANT IRAN AND NOT CHINA EVEN THOUGH I SAID CHINA WHOOOPS!” And then celebrating the Fourth of July in October. Boom! Those are pretty good examples of my point. MAYBE I SHOULD BE PRESIDENT, DID YOU EVER THINK OF THAT?! (Via GotchaMedia.)