So, The Guy Who Plays Stanley On The Office Made A Music Video?

Most people probably don’t know the name of the dude who plays Stanley on The Office, much less that he is apparently dabbling in music now. Well, his name is Leslie David Baker, and also the other thing I said. HUH? He’s dabbling WHAT NOW? After the jump is a music video for a song called “2 Be Simple,” and you would think that it has 2 Be a Joke. But it’s hard to tell these days. Dude seems serious enough. And the half-dressed girls in handcuffs feeding him ice cream sundaes don’t seem to be laughing. You know, life is long and complicated. It’s good to have adventures and make mistakes and find yourself on occasion doing things that seem unexpected or that you didn’t know you were capable of doing. This goes the same for people on television. Just because your job is to play make believe all day doesn’t mean you don’t have WEIRD DREAMS and UNLIKELY AMBITIONS. Congratulations, Leslie David Baker. You are really Livin De Life.

Huh. OK. (Via TheHighDefinite.)