Pop Rock Baby Is An Exciting Addition To The Pop Rock Narrative

Last week, we all enjoyed a delightful video of an old woman trying Pop Rocks for the very first time. “It just does’t get any better than this,” we all thought. “I could watch this grandma try Pop Rocks for the first time all day — all week, even. Just a continuous loop of that grandmother eating Pop Rocks that I would stare at and stare at for days, my delight only increasing with each rotation. If only I could meet this grandmother and watch her try other things that she hasn’t tried, like Warheads or Cry Babies, that would just really be the greatest treat for me. And think of the television shows she hasn’t seen — I would love to watch her face when the big thing happens with the guy on Game of Thrones. And the last episode of last season’s Breaking Bad? Shut. Up. THAT WOULD BE ADORABLE! But, I’m getting carried away, what I’m trying to say is I’m 100% positive that there is nothing better than watching that grandmother try Pop Rocks for the first time. There could be nothing cuter and nothing more significant. I’ve closed my eyes and my heart to anything else. I’m basically dead now,” we all said. BUT WAIT! WE DIDN’T KNOW THAT THERE WAS ALSO A VIDEO OF A BABY TRYING POP ROCKS FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!! *RECORD SCRATCH* *CAR CRASH NOISES* *BOMB DROPPING NOISES* *POP ROCKS NOISES*

Well, once again the world is turned on its head. I don’t know what to think. Is it better to watch a person at the end of their life finally try a candy that pops in your mouth, or is it better to watch a baby try a candy that pops in your mouth at the beginning of its life? A baby didn’t make the decision to eat the popping candy on its own and who has no idea what’s happening at all because it’s a baby and it hasn’t grown its brain yet? I don’t know. I feel like MY BRAIN is trying Pop Rocks for the first time AND IT HATES THEM!!! (Via reddit.)