Ke$ha’s Humane Society PSA

You can’t really criticize people for trying to make the world a better place, even when that person is Ke$ha. So first and foremost let’s just point out that it’s nice of Ke$ha to make a PSA for the Humane Society and let’s all hope that the puppies have a good Christmas this year, or whatever. We can, however, criticize Ke$ha for, you know, being Ke$ha, and for the fact that she’s only trying to make the world a better place insofar as she sat in her dressing room at Madison Square Garden or whatever and read about the Humane Society from a cue card with the same tone she probably uses to half-heartedly apologize to her parents for using up all the rollover minutes on her phone and racking up 300$ a month in SEXTING charges. (Her parents, I assume, are still managing her phone bill on some kind of Cingular Wireless Family Plan.) Also, if you ARE going to try and make the world a better place but you AREN’T going to bother leaving your dressing room, just pick a charity that’s in your general area. There are plenty. Why is she trying to save Guatemalan dogs from the Pontiac Silver Dome? There is something so jarring about the b-roll footage of third world country people actually physically trying to save animals intercut with Ke$ha unmoving in front of her rack of wardrobe changes saying “Please join me in helping these poor animals.” Join you where? WHAT ARENA ARE YOU AT? And join you how exactly? BY READING CUE CARDS AND LOOKING LIKE LAST NIGHT WAS A ROUGH NIGHT? But like I said, so good of her. Such a powerful PSA. Good luck, puppies.

Again, you can’t criticize people for trying to do a good thing in this world, I’m just worried that no one will learn about the sad puppies because they’ll turn this video off as soon as they hear “I’m Ke$ha.” (Via ONTD.)