Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Remember when Bradley Cooper was going to be in a remake of The Crow for a few minutes back in April? Of course, how could you forget! Well, now you can see what could have been with some “Bradley Cooper as Eric Draven” concept art that can ALSO probably be used as your new desktop background! Oh, yay! Congratulations on your new desktop background it looks great! -SlashFilm
  • Michael J. Fox reenacted the “Johnny B. Goode” scene from Back to the Future last night at a Parkinsons fundraiser in NYC. Cute enough! Do whatever you want, MJF. What I want to say about this is how silly it is that the FIRST thing he says when he gets to the microphone in that scene is “This is an oldie.” Hahah. D’OH! Back to the Future! Have you guys ever seen this movie? -FilmDrunk
  • Speaking of an oldie (very good), here is an old commercial for Nebraska’s FirsTier Bank featuring Stephen Colbert! Haha! What a nerd! He looks like Sports Night’s Joshua Malina! No offense, Joshua Malina! -TheDailyWhat
  • Justin Timberlake ended up actually going to the Marine Corps Ball that every celebrity was getting video-invited to a few months ago. And he has some nice things to say about it! -ONTD
  • Apparently Kim Kardashian’s mom doesn’t like it when Joel McHale brings up Kim Kardashian’s sex tape on The Soup. Doyoyoy. She’s a MOM. No word yet from Ryan Seacrest’s mom. -TheSuperficial
  • Kathy Griffen and Jesse Tyler Ferguson recreated Janet Jackson’s Rolling Stone cover for Out magazine’s 100th issue. Yep! They really did it! -Dlisted
  • Want to watch Megan Fox’s new Armani Beauty ad? Not really? You’re not sold on the idea, why would you want to watch an ad for something that, first of all, you are not going to buy and, second of all, is not something that you HAVE to watch for any other entertainment reason? Well, fair enough! But what if I told you that it was very pretty? Sold? SOLD! -Celebuzz
  • Salon has an article up talking about what’s wrong with The Walking Dead. Pretty short article, though. They just made the word “NOTHING” really big and spaced it out over seven pages. Not sure what their angle is. -Salon