Brad Pitt “Retiring From Acting In The Next Three Years” Movies!

Get out all of your funeral gear because we’re gonna have to throw a big one! JUST DO IT!! 47-year-old actor Brad Pitt, you may know him as “Will Colbert” from the television series Friends, has been going around telling everyone that he’s going to retire from acting when he turns fifty. THAT’S IN JUST THREE YEARS! R.I.P. movies! From NME:

The Hollywood big hitter has suggested that he will likely stop appearing on screen in within the “next three years,” but hinted that he would continue to work behind the camera. He told Australian talkshow 60 Minutes: “I’ve really enjoyed the producerial side and getting stories to the plate that may have had a harder time otherwise.”

The interview echoes previous comments about his screen career having a shelf life in the Sunday Times: “We all have a shelf life, and mine is coming. Although there are a couple of things I’d still like to do. I am looking forward to playing a grumpy old dude one day, that’s for sure.”

Obviously this is very serious. I don’t think there is any way that Brad Pitt could renege on this formal resignation that in no way hints or even states outright that he will continue acting into old age. What will Hollywood do without him?! WHO WILL PLAY ALL THE BENJAMIN BUTTONS!? I do think, though, that in a time like this Brad Pitt would rather have us celebrate the life of his career than mourn its definitely for real death. So let’s do that! With a Brad Pitt retirement movies game! YAY!!!

I will go first:

  • The Tree Of Peacefully Spending The Last Few Years Of Life
  • Less Money(ball)
  • Meet Joe Black, Your In-Home Nurse
  • World War ZZzzZzzzzzz
  • Grandma and Grandpa Smith

Awww, you’re welcome Brad Pitt! We’ll miss you! (Thanks for the tip, Scott!)