Saturday Night Live: Emma Stone And Coldplay

Emm! A! Stone! Emm! A! Stone! I know that it’s not very interesting to say that you wish a particular host could be a permanent member of the SNL cast, but boy do I wish Emma Stone were a permanent member of the SNL cast! If I had a way to get some wishes granted it definitely wouldn’t be one of my top five, or even top TEN wishes, but if I had 100 wishes it would probably be somewhere between the 80th and 90th wish. (NOT BAD for a weekly sketch comedy show related wish!) (Congratulations to everyone involved.) This was a pretty enjoyable Saturday Night Live, I thought. Although it was almost entirely composed of recurring sketches (“Secret Word,” “Herb Welch,” “Garth and Kat,” etc.), Emma Stone’s committed performance made it all seem a bit fresher than it would have, had it been led by a less enthusiastic host. GROSS! That was a gross sentence, I apologize, but sometimes it’s hard to find non-gross ways to express THE TRUTH. With that said, though, there were some good one-off sketches, like Technology Hump and the bridal shower sketch — but I feel like we’re getting ahead of ourselves. We’ll discuss those after the jump. What I want to say here though, first, is that the cold open was pretty bad this week. I understand the trouble with doing a once-a-week comedy show, in that it is nearly impossible, at the end of the week, to produce “fresh” jokes that haven’t been made a million times already by blogs or daily comedy TV shows. But even understanding that: WHY would you plan to spend your entire cold open on the Rick Perry blunder? Without even offering some kind of new take on it? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING! Of course that joke was going to be made a million times already! And we’ve all moved on! In fact, he’s already made fun of HIMSELF on LETTERMAN! Boooooo. Boo, SNL. Ok, so, that was the first thing. Second, I want to talk about the reprisal of the “Les Jeunes de Paris” sketch, and the Adele “Someone Like You” crying sketch. THOSE WERE GREAT! I liked them very much, but unfortunately neither of them are being offered online. Booooo, online! But we can remember them ourselves. Weren’t those great? Ok, onto the clips.

The monologue was a reboot of Kirsten Dunst’s “Spiderman” monologue from 2001, or whatever. SNORE. Who cares. Andrew Garfield was there, though, which was NOT in the 2001 version! I’m almost positive! Hi, Andrew Garfield!

Herb Welch is one of my favorite recurring sketches. I hope it never stops recurring. Emma Stone wasn’t “used” particularly well here, but you know who was? EVERYONE ELSE! Hi, Herb Welch! Hi, Kristen Wiig!

The bridal shower gifts sketch was great, I thought — kind of reminiscent of the Melissa McCarthy office romance sketch. Probably my FAVORITE of the night.

Oooohhh, but also “Garth and Kat” was one of my favorites of the night. But “Garth and Kat” is always one of my favorites of the night.

Penn State Devil was NOT one of my favorites of the night, speaking of Weekend Update. THE ASHTON KUTCHER JOKE? Ugh. I just cannot get over how much I hated the Ashton Kutcher Twitter joke. I’m not even sure how this bit was other than that because YUCK!

Technology Hump was absolutely very weird and I kind of really liked it but also it made me VERY oddly uncomfortable.

Also, Coldplay played! They were totally fine! Next week: JASON SEGEL!! I have high hopes for that episode! I hope it doesn’t break all of our hearts!