This Week In GIFs

Wow, what a week we’ve had. 100% Brett Ratner and The Oscars and nothing else at all, it feels like! It’s unfortunate that — Well, first it’s unfortunate that our week was 100% Brett Ratner and The Oscars and nothing else at all. GROSS! What a horrible week! Yuck. But it’s also unfortunate that Brett Ratner GIFs don’t exist as far as I can tell, because how are we supposed to relive Brett Ratner week without ANY disgusting Brett Ratner GIFs? Booooo. So, obviously, feel free to leave your personal collection of Brett Ratner GIFs in the comments. Otherwise we have some GREAT banana GIFs, some GREAT dancing GIFs, AND some SUPER GREAT dancing banana GIFs for you. (Also some other GIFs but really who even cares about the other ones, DID YOU SEE THE ONES I JUST MENTIONED?) Let’s get to them.

Charlie Day hosted Saturday Night Live!

A kid got caught dancing in the kitchen but it was ok because he was the world’s best dancer!

All the fireworks went off at once!

A reporter dressed up like a grape to talk to a kid who got in trouble for dressing up like a banana!

We made even more reckless posters for Larry Crowe!

George Clooney loves farts!

Me and Gabe had a chat about Dakota Fanning’s Marc Jacobs ad!

Brett Ratner and Eddie Murphy quit the Oscars and then there was Oscar mayhem!!

But then it was finally announced that Billy Crystal was going to host, and Gabe had a fake interview with him.

And, finally, Thursday TV happened!