This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

This week, there is a movie trailer that really might surprise you! At least as far as the trailer is concerned, this looks like the one 2 beat. Very fun and exciting trailer. And you probably don’t even know which one it is. (SPOILER ALERT: it’s NOT the trailer for the Roger Corman documentary, even though that still looks GREAT.) I’m just saying, life is full of surprises. Never lose your childlike sense of wonder. Let’s just have fun for once.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Whoa. WHOA! What just happened? Did the Kristen Stewart Snow Fucking White movie just step forward as the most fun looking movie in almost forever? Because BING BONG this looks GREAT! Not sure how that happened and never saw it coming, but happy that it did.

A Thousand Words

Sure. I mean, no, obviously, but whatever. This looks like an only mildly less offensive appropriation of Hindu spiritualism than The Love Guru. Although I’m actually pretty sure this is just a movie about Starbucks? There are, like, 10 scenes that take place in Starbucks just in the trailer alone! We will all find out whether or not this is actually just a movie about Starbucks on opening weekend when we all go see it, I’m sure.

Journey 2

If I begin to comment on this I might never stop, so can we just agree to leave it at “no comment.” Seriously, it could take forever.


Twice a year, we gather around the movie screen to watch Jason Statham waste a dude. Sometimes he is getting revenge for a murdered accomplice, and sometimes he is protecting an “innocent.” It’s really not that important. Get em, Jason! Punch em! THE NUMBERS ARE A SEQUENCE!

Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel

There are very few types of documentary that I like more than the showbiz documentary. So many outrageous accounts of insane backroom deals! Hobnobbing with the stars! Love it. Will probably love this.