Joey Lawrence’s Ghost Story Demands To Be Heard!

America’s heartthrob Joey Lawrence recently appeared on the premiere celebrity ghost story TV show, Celebrity Ghost Stories, to recount a spoOoOoOoOoky experience he had while staying at a hotel in Milwaukee. YEAH, I KNOW! Cancel your upcoming plane tickets, it doesn’t matter WHICH hotel you had reservations at, it honestly doesn’t even matter if the trip your were planning was to Milwaukee at all because you should just stay home. (Unless you think your home might be haunted? Ugh, now I don’t even know WHERE we should go.) But, anyway, so the scary story begins when Mr. Lawrence was awoken twice in the middle of the night by sounds and lights from his daughter’s toys, and then later a light in the bathroom ALSO turned on. From the A.V. Club:

Lawrence goes on to explain that after seeking answers from the staff the next morning, he was regaled with a spooky tale involving the hotel founder’s son, a murdered bride, and an elevator shaft. (For the record, Charles Pfister [the hotel founder] had no children.) As he was checking out, Lawrence claims he made one last visit to the room and witnessed parts of the air conditioning unit fly through the air, scaring him “you-know-what-less.”

Hahaha, HOLY MOLY that’s a good ghost story! I would like to apologize, though, if you’ve already read about this ghost story in all of the newspapers. Sometimes when a story is so widely covered it doesn’t feel like another post on another blog is really necessary, but sometimes, like with this story, not covering it would just feel like you’re doing EVERYONE a disservice. Especially when we have an exclusive transcript of the conversation Joey Lawrence had with the hotel staff the morning after the light in his bathroom went on!!!!!!!!

Joey Lawrence: Hotel desk man, I have a question.
Hotel desk man: Joey Lawrence! Sure, what can I help you with?
Joey Lawrence: Last night I was awoken TWICE by the sounds and lights from my daughter’s toys.
Hotel desk man: Oh, I’m sorry about that, Mr. Lawrence. Did you have trouble turning them off?
Joey Lawrence: THEY WERE OFF! Please, hotel desk man. I’m not here to be condescended to.
Hotel desk man: Are you sure they were off? I’m really not trying to be condescending, but kids toys can be tricky to turn off sometimes. It seems like some of them don’t even turn off! My brother has kids, and every time they visit it’s like–
Joey Lawrence: Also, during the night, the bathroom light turned on and no one was in the bathroom.
Hotel desk man: Oh, well that’s strange. I’m sorry about that. Would you like me to send someone up to have a look at it?
Joey Lawrence: I demand to know why this hotel is haunted.
Hotel desk man: What?
Joey Lawrence: As a hotel customer, it is my right to know why this hotel is haunted. Tell me right now.
Hotel desk man: I’m sorry, we haven’t had any other complaints — I’m sure there’s a simple explanation for what happ–
Joey Lawrence: Listen, hotel desk man. I’m no fool. You can’t regale me with your nonsense any longer. I demand to know the truth. Tell me the story.
Hotel desk man: I honestly–
Joey Lawrence: TELL ME!
Hotel desk man: Ooooook soooooooooooo…A long time ago, right when the hotel was founded, in like 1823, the hotel founder’s son…pushed a woman — a bride — down an elevator shaft. Because he loved her? Or maybe he didn’t love her. And now everything is haunted here.
Joey Lawrence: …WHOA!

The End. (Thanks for the tip, Lizz!)