World’s Most Expensive Chocolate Pudding Chef Is A Liar Who Thinks We’re All Fools

Something that I really wish people would learn is that you can’t just throw around superlatives like “The World’s Most Expensive Chocolate Pudding” as if it’s nothing. Because maybe there are some people out there who see something like “The World’s Most Expensive Chocolate Pudding” on a website and think, “Oh, whoa, I can’t wait to see what the heck is in this chocolate pudding that makes it so expensive.” “Oh, whoa, $35,000 — that’s a lot! Just for some chocolate pudding?!” “Oh, whoa, I bet part of the chocolate was blessed by ghost, and when you eat it it has all sorts of healing powers, and it has even been reviewed by the FDA and they said it’s good to go, but all the major drug companies banded together and murdered the chef because if this magical pudding can cure all ailments then how will they make any money?! So now the pudding chef is murdered and there is only a little bit of pudding left, so every bite is $35,000, which is honestly not that bad if you think about how much a lifetime of medical care will cost you, but also it’s not covered by anyone’s health insurance (what else is new).” Right? We all have our own ideas about why this is being called “The World’s Most Expensive Chocolate Pudding.” But, uh, did anyone guess that it’s called “The World’s Most Expensive Chocolate Pudding” because the chef is a straight-up LIAR????

Uhhh…that looks super gross, but also, REWIND!!!

THERE’S A DIAMOND ON IT?! You factor the cost of the diamond into the overall cost of the dessert!? Ugh. What a stupid let down. I bet it’s only like $17,000 without that diamond and I’m sure there’s WAY more expensive pudding out there than that. “I created the world’s most expensive pizza — I put two computers on a pizza.” -This chef in college. ” “I created the world’s most expensive t-shirt. I used very expensive fabric, and then I packaged it in a helicopter.” – This chef if he made t-shirts. “I bought you the world’s most expensive little box. Will you marry me?” – This chef proposing to his girlfriend. (Via BuzzFeed.)