Draw Something: Even More Reckless Posters For Larry Crowne

It’s hard to imagine any bit of bad news concerning the poster from the Tom Hanks sleeper hit (correct use of sleeper hit?) Larry Crowne. You’re probably thinking, “Wait — you must not mean Larry Crowne. With the Tom Hanks little smile? Big open Julia Roberts mouth? Sunglasses? No information at all about what the movie could possibly be about, not even a tagline? Just a real slam dunk of a movie poster with no flaws?” YES! Spain is fining the makers of Larry Crowne, claiming their poster is “reckless.” Ugh, they’re always trying to knock us down, just when we’re at the top! From the Telegraph:

The poster, which shows Roberts and Hanks riding without protective headgear, was in violation of Spain’s strict traffic rules, which ban “any publicity, in print, audio or video that may incite excessive speed, reckless driving, situations of danger or any other circumstance involving conduct contrary to the principles of the law”. ThinkSpain said the makers of the film had been fined more than £25,000 for the breach.

More than £25,000, just for not wanting to look like a bunch of helmety nerd-os. Gross, Spain. As if you’re going to tell Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks to wear stupid gross helmets. Not wearing helmets in a poster isn’t reckless! WE’LL SHOW YOU RECKLESS! (Let’s show them reckless.) (By making even more reckless Larry Crowne movie posters.) (You can view mine in the gallery above!)