All The Fireworks At Once Is Not As Delightful As It Sounds

During the annual community fireworks display in Oban, Scotland (over the weekend? I’m not sure when this was, but let’s say–) over the weekend, a very sad and hilarious thing happened when all of the fireworks, which were supposed to last half an hour, went off all at once in one minute. Hahaha! The only response I can think to have to this story is lots of laughing mixed with LOTS of exaggerated frowny faces. That response is only fueled very intensely by this quote, from the Telegraph:

After the extremely short display, Councillor Roddie McCuish, one of the organisers of the event, apologised to the crowd of hundreds: “I have some terrible news – the fireworks have all gone off at once.”

Hahaha, awww, that is terrible news! Poor Roddie McCuish, poor Oban, wealthy us. You might be sitting there thinking, “Well, the finale is the best part of the fireworks show anyway. I think if I went to a fireworks show and it was ONLY the finale I’d leave pretty satisfied. Probably even more satisfied than if I had to wait 25 minutes for it!” Well I don’t know you so it’s possible that you know this to be true about yourself, but I feel like the video may change your mind. ROLL THE TAPE!

Hahaha. The end go home you’re welcome. Oh, you’re not finished with your picnic? Well too bad! YOU LOSE! GOOD DAY, SIR! (I realize there is something that this — an event one expected to go on for a lot longer ending right away with an explosion of fireworks — could be compared with, but that would be a very unladylike comparison and I would rather not.) (Via TheDailyWhat.)