Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Uhh, soo, have you guys been following the Justin Bieber paternity story? What is going on in this world. What I’d like to know is: Can anyone just say that ANYONE is the father of their baby? Like when I get pregnant can I make up a story that Aaron Paul is the father? And then my name will be thrown around with Aaron’s name in the press? And then we’ll fall in love and it’ll be a wacky story and people will make a movie about it? Just wondering. -Dlisted
  • Ugh, yuck. This is so gross. Brett Ratner talked about some rumors about him “banging” Olivia Munn, and then something horrifying about shrimp cocktail, on Attack of the Show. He ist just absolutely the grossest. I’m sorry that Olivia Munn had to bang him for whatever reason, I’m assuming because it was a double dare. -FilmDrunk
  • A guy shot video in New York City every day for a year and then put the video into this five-minute video and it’s nice so why not watch it?! (I do have to say, though, that I don’t believe he really shot video in NYC EVERY DAY for a year. Probably just most of the days. I have to believe he went out of town at least once.) -TheDailyWhat
  • Could Kim Kardashian’s divorce have done something good for gay marriage?! -TheSuperficial
  • A few months ago James Franco was on the cover of Candy dressed like a woman, and this month Chloe Sevigny is on the cover dressed as Terry Richardson (barf). Who cross-dressed it better??!?! -Celebuzz
  • Jared Padalecki, AKA Dean, AKA THE WORST, is having a baby. Luckily not with Rory, though I bet he wishes. Ugh, Dean. Just stay out of it. -JustJared
  • Salon talked with philosophy professor and irony expert Jonathan Lear about why, aside from in the context of the Daily Show and Colbert Report, irony is used less and less in political humor. “I’m an irony expert.” “An IRONING expert?” “No–IRONY.” “IRONING?” –A conversation with that guy and another guy at a loud party. -Salon
  • Ooohh, here is an interview with Werner Herzog! He talks about performing in One Shot. He is just the best. I wonder how cute he THINKS he is. He’s definitely the cutest but I wonder if how he thinks of himself on the cuteness scale when he’s being honest with himself. -Movieline