Draw Something: Improve Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costume!

Something that we all know for some reason is that Heidi Klum absolutely LOVES Halloween. That is one of the top five things I know for sure about Heidi Klum. (Another piece of unsettling Halloween knowledge that I wish I didn’t know for a fact is that this morning I saw that Emma Stone was some character from The Nightmare Before Christmas for Halloween and I thought, “Oh yeah, she and Andrew Garfield just went on a date to see that last week.” My brain is a Hollywood nightmare trap from Saw III.) (ANYWAY.) Every year Heidi Klum has her own Halloween party and you never even see photos of her guests because I’m not even sure if there ever are any guests. You only ever see photos of her because HOLY COW, HEIDI KLUM! She really goes for it. Last year she was this. And this year she was a body with no skin. She explained it to NYDaily :

“It’s kind of like a dead body with the first layer of skin ripped off,” Klum, 38, explained. “It’s basically like me naked.”

HEIDI KLUM IS 38? That seems younger than I thought! I guess it makes sense and is actually not a surprising age at all if I really think about it, but that was striking for a moment. The ages of celebrities will never not surprise me, even if they are totally normal ages. That’s what I have learned. Anyway, she has certainly done a great job on her costume yet again. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement! There is always room for improvement. So let’s see if we can TOP HEIDI KLUM’S SKINLESS HALLOWEEN COSTUME! 

Ok, so, here is your template:

And here are MY improvements:

Skinless Backwards Drive

Skinless Classic Hippie

Skinless Princess

Skinless Garth

MUCH BETTER! All you need is a little imagination.