This Is Just A Good Picture Of Matt Lauer In His Good Halloween Costume

On this morning’s Today Show, the whole cast dressed up as…the royal family…at the royal wedding? Huh. I guess they couldn’t be the Chilean miners because there aren’t enough of them? Was that the reason they weren’t the Chilean miners? Dressing up as the royal wedding is weird stuff, dudes. Especially when Matt Lauer is Prince William and Anne Curry is Kate Middleton? What is even going on at that point? It’s like watching your dad dress up as Ned Beatty in Deliverance and your mom dress up as the Appalachian forest goblin who rapes Ned Beatty in Deliverance. (Oh, SPOILER ALERT: that movie came out in 1972.) Does anyone want to see that, N/N? Our scientific poll found that 100 percent of respondents don’t want to see that. Matt Lauer. Wash your face, man! Fix your eyes! Something’s up with your eyes! Those are straight up HORROR EYES! Don’t steal no more souls, Matt Lauer, you got enough. (Brian Williams would never do this to us.) (Anderson Cooper would do even worse.)