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This Week’s Highest Rated Comments

#5 Sir Frank Lloyd Wrong | Oct 27th Score:73

“Showering next to the opposite sex is an affront to clean living and thoroughly unamerican. When I was in college, I lived with guys, showered with guys and slept in the same room as guys and I loved every minute of it!.” — Steve Doocey.

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#4 Patrick M | Oct 26th Score:73

REAL TALK: I first started reading this site because of Friday Fights and because of the way the texts were laid out, like:

Gabe: well, first of all, let’s tell people

Gabe: what they are

Gabe: and this is just one of the reasons i’m firing you

Gabe: but it’s not all of the reasons

…for a long time I pictured Gabe as an overweight person who had just run up a flight of stairs and couldn’t catch his breath.

Anyway, more like this!

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#3 kenjennings | Oct 27th Score:74

Hey, Ken Jennings here. (Really.)

I had no idea this little blog post was going to go viral, but after reading the comments here, I wanted to clarify a couple things.

1. The idea for this came to me while looking at a few pretty great “I am the 99%” parodies online…one with Luke Skywalker, another with the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I realized I hadn’t yet seen a real (i.e. non-Photoshop) joke along those lines, and saw a golden opportunity. My thinking was that this joke worked regardless of ideology–it’s not necessarily for or against Occupy…it’s more of an absurdist joke about the idea of reframing a Jeopardy-playing computer as a tool of The Man. I’m not easily offended myself, and therefore not a big believer in “Too soon!” objections to most kinds of jokes.

2. THAT SAID…my sympathies are very much with the Occupy folks and the so-called “99%”. I almost didn’t post the pic when I realized it could be taken as trivializing the movement, so I ended up titling the post “Solidarity” (in all seriousness) and tweeting it with a message about how happy I was this week when I switched from a bank to a credit union. I honestly think these conversations about income inequality and the political clout of big financial firms are incredibly important, and we wouldn’t be having them without the OWS folks. One postscript: taken in terms of household income, I am squarely in the 99%. That’s how crazy income inequality is in this country, folks: a guy can take home not one but TWO six-figure quiz show checks in a year…and still be making half what the lowest-echelon 1-percenters are. That’s just crazy, how this elite stacks up in comparison to everyone else. Obviously I’ve been a little more recession-insulated than a lot of people, and I would never trivialize their plight. But really, we’re all in this together.

PS: Also, I didn’t donate to Prop 8.

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#1 werttrew | Oct 26th Score:82

1% of Videogum commenters make 25 percent of all comments. (The 1% is just Facetaco)

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[Assoc. Ed. Note: So, uh, did Ken Jennings really post here this week? We all decided that that is the real Ken Jennings, right? It certainly sounded like the real Ken Jennings, from what I know of him! (Nothing.) Do you think lots of people in his life have called him Jen Kennings as a goof? I would certainly call him Jen Kennings all the time if I knew him. Congratulations to werttrew and lilbobbytales for beating a GENUINE celebrity in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. That doesn’t happen every week! You should be very proud. And Jen Kennings, you seem like a wonderful man. Patrick M and FLW, good jobs. Happy Halloween to all of you.]

This Week’s Lowest Rated Comment


Jim Morrissey | Oct 27th Score:-17
Let’s all agree to agree that you’re wrong! ;)
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[Assoc. Ed. Note: Ok, so this was said during a debate about whether Ken Jennings’s 99% joke was, basically, “too soon.” Too close to the violence at the OWS protest in Oakland, and not funny enough to get away with it. Jim Morrissey thought it was and lots of people disagreed with him. And then he said this comment, which, as you can all see, got 17 downvotes. That’s the way it goes! Not a lot of downvoted comments this week, I guess. His argument was certainly fair enough, and even this comment was said with a winky-face. Maybe everyone interpreted the winky-face as only condescending and not playful? Who knows. I didn’t, but maybe everybody did. But anyway, YOU LOSE, JIM MORRISSEY! ;)]

This Week’s Caption Contest Winner

Alan Edward Johnson | Oct 25th Score:56

Every Sunday they feature the Funky Brunch.

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[Ed. Note: Congratulations, Alan Edward Johnson! You earned it.]

This Week’s Associate Editor’s Choice

Ian | Oct 26th Score:31

But are they rape clothes or rape rape clothes clothes?

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[Assoc. Ed. Note: I know this is a reference that gets referenced a lot, but the repetition of “clothes” really got me. Great job, Ian! Very good decision to say clothes clothes. Yay, Happy Halloween.]

This Week’s Editor’s Choice

Kate | Oct 26th Score:10

What if the Monsters are the leprechauns, Gabe and Kelly are gathering up the shoes to throw at us every 45 minutes, and we shine them by commenting or else we’d have to do our actual work.

More shoes!

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Kate | Oct 26th Score:3
Well this was a particularly good bunch of shoes.


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[Ed. Note: I thought Kate’s analogy, which was basically my analogy, using that wonderful scene from the movie My Leprechauns, was very funny and an accurate way to describe the way that this old life can feel like sometimes, but it was her own call back to her own joke that really cinched it. EDITOR’S CHOICE GRANTED!]