Teen Korner: Yo! Ch-ch-check Out ChatAboutJesus.Com


Wassup dudes and dudettes, check out this hip new webspace that is STRICTLY 5 TEENS. It’s called and it’s NO ATHEISTS ALLOWED! Da bomb! Check out this fresh ad for the homepage, my word is my bond, and you can also watch this video streaming on your XBOX probably, I think some kids know how to do that. Radical!

You might think that God doesn’t love you, but Brad says that he does. So stop listening to heavy metal and black rap and start getting in touch with Our Lord and Savior. If you think Batman has what it takes to clean up Arkham Asylum, you should see what God can do with the human heart! Pro-Tip: hold an acoustic guitar in your avatar. (That goes for every website, not just Vitamin Water! (Via @EugeneMirman.)