Back To Work, You Dumb Morrisseys

When I was a kid I used to hate Sundays. And it wasn’t because on Monday I would have to go back to school, or whatever, school was fine. School never seemed like that big of a deal. You just have to go there all day, but where else are you going to go? The TV room, yes, but then where? Oh, just 10 hours in the TV room? Perfect. I hated Sundays because they just had this mildly depressing TONE and it was the TONE that I couldn’t get over. This continued through high school and college, and even for a year or two after college. Oh boo hoo, this miserable TONE. Guess what? Sundays are awesome. Everyday is absolutely NOT like Sunday. (That song was clearly written by someone who does not have a job.) Oh, they are so good. You can sleep in and you can read a newspaper and you can eat at hours of the day that you don’t normally eat at because your clock is just slightly off but in an entirely pleasant way and at night you make a little dinner and you watch a movie or some TV and you mentally prepare yourself for the week ahead and you stop being such a baby about how an entire day off to do whatever you want makes you FEEL, emotionally. Grow up! AND GET BACK TO WORK!

Stop having a memory. Remember on your own time. There are cakes to be bagged. So bag them. Faster. (Via Dlisted.)