Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Tonight in LA, Jason Reitman is staging a reading of The Breakfast Club and I hate every who gets to go to it. Mindy Kaling is Ally Sheedy! J.K. Simmons is the janitor! AARON PAUL is Judd Nelson! ETC.! BRING THIS TO WHERE I LIVE! -JasonReitman
  • Ooohh, we have TWO pieces of Cage Family news for you today. First, this carnival has a beautiful airbrushed portrait of Nicolas Cage. Fantastic! -FilmDrunk
  • Second, Weston Cage is getting his own reality show on VH1 called Uncaged! HOORAY! Is it going to be about doing high kicks? Who knows! -TheSuperficial
  • In an episode of Sesame Street from the early ’80s, children are asked, “What is a computer?” Their answers are all pretty much that it’s something with buttons. My answer would be about the same except I’d also add that it’s where the Internet is. -TheDailyWhat
  • To advertise his new book Sad Monsters that we’ve all already purchased (correct?), Frank Lesser has released a series of videos, including this one in which Bloody Murray temps for Bloody Mary. “WATCH IT.” -Vulture
  • Ashton Kutcher has broken his legendary silence on the cheating and divorce rumors that are currently surrounding his marriage to Demi Moore. Ashton Kutcher Tattoo girl will have to keep praying so hard, I’m sure. -Celebuzz
  • Remember our mission to call Jonah Hill if we had something to say to him during that weird campaign he was doing for his babysitter movie? He talked about it a little with the Huffington Post. It might still be going on? It’s maybe going to be going on forever, hard to tell. -HuffPo
  • Matt Damon is going to be directing a movie that he and John Kransinski wrote together. Do you know that John Krasinski is just 31 years old? That seems insane. Do you think all celebrities lie about their ages? That must be the case because holy moly. -JustJared
  • Martha Marcy May Marlene has been getting pretty good reviews, right? I can’t wait to see that movie! Here is a pretty good review from Movieline. -Movieline