Ricky Gervais Has Gone Completely Off The Rails

Ricky Gervais has needed to rest his case about pretty much everything for quite some time now. It seems like hosting the Golden Globes and being an atheist — two things that generally do not completely derail people, as far as I know — have completely torn down any semblance of being ON the rails that he ever had. Ugh. RICKY! Remember when you made Extras? That was a good show! And it the best thing about it was that it was on the rails! CAN’T YOU GET BACK ON THE RAILS? Recently he has taken his runaway atheismgoldenglobes train to Twitter, where he’s calling everyone a “mong.” “LOL.” From The Sun:

Comic Ricky Gervais was rapped by disability groups last night for a string of “mong” jokes. He uses the word on Twitter in phrases like “Good monging” and “Two mongs don’t make a right”. He posts snaps of himself in what he calls “monged-up” poses, with captions like: “My favourite drink is toilet.” And he once referred to singer Susan Boyle as “looking like a mong”. Mongol is an offensive and dated reference to people with Down’s Syndrome.

“My favourite drink is toilet.” WHAT! This is all terrible and he’s a jerk and I hate him so much, but I still believe he could’ve thought of a better joke caption than “My favourite drink is toilet.” Ricky’s defense in this has been that he doesn’t believe mong is a term that refers to people with Down’s Syndrome anymore, rather it now means “complete idiot” — he continues to cite that “gay” used to mean “happy” AND NOW LOOK — and that people who are getting upset just aren’t getting the joke. Of course. “Classic.” But when you say that people aren’t understanding your joke, you generally have to offer a different way of understanding it. Right now it seems pretty clear that the joke is that he’s using the term “mong” in the exact way those who are upset with him are perceiving it. And THE PHOTOS OF HIMSELF? The photos of himself doing cartoony imitations of people with Down’s Syndrome? Great joke, I totally get it. I totally get it and the joke has nothing to do with Down’s Syndrome, but I AM going to keep it under my hat. Figure it out for yourselves! Ricky Gervais has responded on his blog:

Now I understand that you can’t please everyone with the things you say and nor should you try… but surely they have to report what I say accurately before they start to damn it?

Again that’s the good thing about Twitter. It’s documented.

I should just say a thank you for the overwhelming support too. Means a lot.

And that’s another thing. All these people saying it’s “disgusting” and “ban him from the telly”… They never liked me anyway. They couldn’t have or they would understand.

Still mustn’t grumble.

FALSE, RICKY GERVAIS! We all used to like you, but the thing is that you are just oddly horrible now. Just a bad person? And not even a funny bad person. Unless you’ve always been terrible, which I absolutely believe could be the case, and you’re just letting it out now because you feel like you’ve done enough that people will still have faith in your comedic talent even when you are the worst. Ugh. Ricky. You are disgusting! BAN YOU FROM THE TELLY! (Thanks for the tip, Michael.)