Truth Or Dare: Is The CW Going To Make An Hourlong Truth Or Dare TV Movie Called Dare? (Truth)

The game of “Truth or Dare” is one of America’s favorite past times. You can’t go to a sleepover without playing it and you can’t play it without having a great time. You can’t even search google image without finding a totally appropriate picture to use with a Truth or Dare blog post, and then you don’t even have to type stupid words on that image and make it look like garbage. That’s why it’s so surprising to me that there has NEVER been a movie or TV special about Truth or Dare! I’m not going to look into it because I’m sure I’m 100% correct, but that real fact is just nuts to me. Come on, Hollywood! It’s called “TRUTH OR DARE.” LEARN IT. Luckily for us, the CW, home of all the best things on TV (Gossip Girl, if that’s the channel ANTM is on, etc.) is taking the first steps in learning it. From The Hollywood Reporter:

The young-skewing network has picked up Dare, a script from Sherlock Holmes producer Dan Lin and Veronica Mars EP Jennifer Gwartz revolving around a group of five twentysomethings who are forced to play a deadly game of Truth or Dare while trying to discover who is behind the game and how to stop it.

Easy A writer Bert V. Royal is attached to pen the hourlong action-thriller from Lin Pictures and Warner Bros. Television.

That sounds perfect! I don’t 100% understand what it is (a TV series with hourlong episodes? JUST an hourlong kind of TV movie thing? What is that even?), but I do understand that it’s going to be HOT and SCARY and it’ll probably have a decent amount of ‘TUDE. And I’ve already developed a few perfect ad campaigns for the CW to use.

  • I dare you to watch Dare.
  • Truth or dare? Truth? Ok, what’s your favorite hourlong CW horror movie? Is it…DARE?
  • Truth or dare? Dare? Ok, are you saying that you want a dare or are you saying that Dare is your favorite hourlong CW horror movie? WHICH ONE ARE YOU SAYING?
  • Nothing brings out the truth like…DARE.
  • Spin the bottle? No. Truth or Dare. Dare.
  • Who is your biggest crush? Well, NOW THEY’RE DEAD. DARE.
  • Don’t Anyone Remember Everything — DARE, CW 8PM/9 Central

Each will cost $100,000,000,0000000000,00,0,000.