Have You Gone To Visit The One Tree Hill House Yet?

Going to see a thing in reality that you know from either a movie or TV show is one of the most exciting things you can do in your entire life. One time I went on this pizza tour of Brooklyn with my parents, RELAX, and we drove all around Brooklyn in a bus and the guy giving the tour pointed out when bridges or sidewalks were in movies and then he showed the movies on the bus TV. It was almost like me and all of the elderly people on the bus — who were all really upset because it was summertime and the air conditioning was broken — were ACTUALLY IN the movies. Very Hollywood. Similarly, GQ has a story in its current issue (this is possibly a lie, it’s at least on its current website) about the family who lives in Peyton’s house from One Tree Hill. It’s a very fun story to read and I recommend reading it, but at the beginning the homeowner mentions how often people stop by the house to take pictures in front of it. And it is a CRAZY AMOUNT. From GQ:

Usually it’s only one or two cars. Other times it’s eight or nine in a day. It depends what time of year it is, and what’s happening on the Internet. Once there was an event of some kind in town, and we got more than twenty.

EVERY DAY? People usually take pictures in front of the One Tree Hill house every day? I’m not going to pretend like I’ve ever seen One Tree Hill — I kind of did pretend that before when I referred to the house as “Peyton’s house” as if I had any idea of what that meant, but I won’t anymore — but I do understand that it is NOT that popular of a show. Right? Or is it? It’s not like the OC, right? Or is it? ANSWER ME! Whatever the case, it seems like seeing this stupid big house is a really great thing to do that we should all put on our bucket lists. Unfortunately the house is in Wilmington, North Carolina, and I’ve already been to North Carolina once in my life and it was great, but if I want to see every state before I die I can’t double up. One thing I can, do, though is imagine what it would be like:

10:00AM: Get into my car with a coffee and plug in my iPhone to the speaker system and put on my One Tree Hill house visiting playlist.
10:10AM: Pick up my friend.
11:00AM: Ask my friend to look up directions on their phone.
11:05AM: Ask my friend if they’ve ever seen One Tree Hill.
11:07AM: Ask my friend to go to the wikipedia page about One Tree Hill and see what it’s about, loosely, and who the two main characters are.
11:09AM: Suggest that we play a game where we are the two main characters of One Tree Hill and we have to make up plot lines and also other characters, and we have to do funny voices.
11:10AM: Play the game.
11:40AM: Continue to have so much fun playing the game.
12:00PM: Friend asks if we can take a break from the game and just listen to music for a while.
12:01PM: Stop talking to my friend for the rest of the trip because if they want to be a jerk then whatever, I don’t care, I really should have just done this by myself.
A Million O’ClockPM: Arrive in Wilmington, North Carolina. Camp out on the lawn of the house. Cannot see the house yet because it is too dark.
6:00AM: Awake with the sun.
6:10AM: Make a stop-motion film with pictures of me walking across the porch.
9:00AM: Ring the doorbell. No response.
9:10AM: Hug the door.
9:15AM: Collect grass.
9:30AM: Call everyone I know and ask them to guess where I am.
11:00AM: Ask friend if they’ll reenact some of the scenes you constructed yesterday with the house.
11:02AM: Realize that I should’ve brought a third person to film the scenes and ring the doorbell again.
11:03AM: I can hear someone approaching the door!!!!!!
11:04AM: I faint and die.

That was a wild ride! I can’t even imagine what it would be like if I got to see the house from Gilmore Girls. Is that a real house? Does anyone know where that is? I’m literally already dead just thinking about it so probably don’t even tell me. (Via Vulture.)