What’s The Deal With The Upcoming Twilight Zone Movie?

Since the original Twilight Zone series ended in the ’60s, there have been about 35,000 revivals of it and they have all been terrible, which is a gross exaggeration. But it kind of feels that way! There was the first Twilight Zone movie in the early ’80s, which was I guess fine, and then two TV revivals, one in the ’80s and one in the early 2000s, which were both not good, especially the 2000s one. And now there’s this one, from Deadline:

Let Me In and Cloverfield director Matt Reeves has been chosen by Warner Bros to directThe Twilight Zone, the Jason Rothenberg-scripted thriller based on the classic Rod Serling TV series. … Though the last Twilight Zone film was an anthology with different directors, this one is a big science fiction action movie with a single freestanding story that is linked to the original series mainly in that it shares that familiarly eerie feel.

The end, Twilight Zone class dismissed! You learned a lot but not nearly as much as what I’ve learned from you. But one question I have is: Why do they keep redoing the Twilight Zone? First of all nobody knows how to do it well enough, obviously, though that is not a thing that has ever stopped anyone from remaking everything, but second of all: It never even makes anyone any money!

Despite having its segments directed by a million famous directors (Joe Dante, John Landis, George Miller, and Steven Spielberg) (ONE MILLION) the first movie didn’t have a great reception, but even that was more successful than each of the TV series that followed it — the first which lasted three seasons, and the second which lasted one. I’m not a Hollywood accountant, but when a franchise has one initial success and then, after many attempts, NEVER another big success after that, maybe you should stop rebooting the franchise? Especially when you’re literally JUST using the name of the franchise and putting it over some movie that doesn’t even have anything to do with anything else involved with the franchise at all? A “big science fiction action movie”? With an “eerie feel”? GUYS! That isn’t “The Twilight Zone”! THAT IS JUST A SCI-FI MOVIE! Just call it a different name! I wish we could see what the reactions to this movie would be if it were released both as The Twilight Zone and as just an original sci-fi movie. Like last week’s Community. “You know by naming your bologna sci-fi movie The Twilight Zone you’re creating two different timelines, Warner Bros.” -Abed, Me. Not that I think it should be a remake of anything that the Twilight Zone has already done. But I really don’t think that the viewers this movie will gain by calling itself The Twilight Zone will justify either the viewers it will lose because they don’t care about seeing a “Twilight Zone movie,” or the criticism it will receive from very important critics like me for not being great when you compare it to the Twilight Zone. Really I think they should just quit it. We’re all Henry Bemis, but instead of books we want more Twilight Zone and instead of a post apocalyptic world, it’s the post confidence in original ideas world we live in, and instead of glasses it’s the hope that there will ever be a good Twilight Zone reboot. Or something? I don’t know. You can’t even do a good analogy reboot of The Twilight Zone I rest my case GOODNIGHT.