Saturday Night Live: Anna Faris And Drake

Did this episode seem a little off to anyone else? Like the whole cast + the audience found out some weird news right before the show started, but then just had to be like, well, the show must go on? That’s how it seemed to me — a weird, unsettled vibe. It didn’t hurt the few sketches that I thought were very good (CECIL SKETCH!), but it certainly didn’t help the few sketches that were not Cecil, like the GOP debate sketch. Eeeek. Guys, go take a breather. Get yourselves together, we’ll be here when you get back. Anna Faris was delightful, duh, but didn’t really add much to any of the sketches she participated in. Which kind of makes sense, being that Anna Faris seems to be a person that a lot of people (including myself) really like, without ever having a clear reason to justify that like. (Other than that New Yorker article about her?) She seems like someone with potential that we haven’t seen in action yet, and it was that way with SNL, too. But, aside from the weirdness and untapped maybe potential that might not exist but I hope it does, there were some funny things! Oh, great! Like the digital short, for instance.

Pretty much every sketch that I thought was good during this episode was based on one very silly idea carried out in a few different ways. The digital short was like that, too, AND IT WAS GREAT! There hadn’t been a very good digital short yet this season, so I’m glad Drake was here to make things right again.

Drake was also used well in the “Teenage Werewolves” Weekend Update segment. At this point I was thinking, “Who’s hosting this episode, DRAKE?” Because Anna Farris hadn’t been seen in a while, and Drake was being seen A LOT. But the Anna Farris came back. And it was like oh no nevermind Anna Farris is hosting. But Drake probably wouldn’t have been a bad host either.

I love Anthony Crispino. The idea behind Anthony Crispino is very simple and silly, but I think people getting things slightly wrong is just the funniest thing. For instance the other day I made the joke, “Live from New York, it’s SATURDAY NIGHT LIIIIIIVEEEEEEE!,” which I thought was hilarious. Because they don’t say “live” the second time. So maybe you see where I’m coming from.

The Cecil sketch was so good! I know it is a grand Saturday Night Live tradition to not do anything weird until everybody’s already asleep, but it’s almost 2012 now. Can we get some more weird stuff spread throughout? And less Manuel Ortiz Talk Show? I GET IT, THEY DANCE.

The bookstore sketch fell flat in a bunch of places (where they seemed to be holding their weirdness punches), but in the places where it fell non-flat (where they punched super weird) it was soooooo goooooooood.

That was it for the good stuff, as far as I’m concerned. I didn’t think Drake’s performances were very good either, unfortunately. I saw an interview with him the other day where he said he wanted to do something different with the set, which I was excited for, but then he just did that words thing? A bunch of screens with the lyrics displayed on them? That thing is so boring! Also he kept yelling the lyrics rather than Drake-singing them, and I understand that he was excited, but — Yuck, no thanks. Sorry Drake.

Next week: Alec Baldwin rerun! No new SNL until November 5, when I THINK Charlie Day is hosting? A few places are saying that, but they’re mostly tumblrs. But I hope that’s true!