This Week In GIFs

Unfortunately, in the days since the Breaking Bad season finale, I have become a little crazy about people not accidentally getting anything about the finale spoiled for them. I think it stems from how I had the ending partially spoiled for me while looking for GIFs last week. This is a dangerous job, guys, but if someone has to do it I’m glad it’s me and not you. With that said, THERE ARE SOME SPOILER GIFS IN THIS POST! But I don’t want you to not look at this post. So right now can you just go and catch up and Breaking Bad and then come back? There are some great non-Breaking Bad GIFs that you’re going to be missing out on if you don’t! For instance, we have like a million Community and Parks and Rec GIF blocks that you won’t get to enjoy. Also there are some incredible hot dog GIFs! It’s really great, so, I’ll see you back here in however many hours until you’re finished with Breaking Bad. Or I guess you can just scroll through the Breaking Bad ones? But then you’d miss out on watching the show right now soooooooo. Have fun! Goodbye! For the rest of you: Have with with these GIFs! Hello!

Ben Stiller hosted Saturday Night Live!


A woman sued Drive for not being enough like The Fast and the Furious, and a man threw a hotdog at Tiger Woods because he was inspired by Drive to do something epic!

Gabe talked about your Arnold Schwarzenegger museum!

Kanye West occupied Wall Street wrong!

The Walking Dead turned down a great Bing marketing opportunity!

Either someone pranked Hugh Jackman or we’ve all been doing karaoke wrong!

Courtney Stodden’s mom rested her case about how Courtney Stoden is too SEXXXY for Facebook!

Joel Schumacher said Val Kilmer was the best Batman and a surprising amount of you agreed!

Thursday TV happened!