Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Nick Kroll is going to be on Community this season! We love that guy AND that show! -Splitsider
  • Speaking of, here are some more Community bloopers! I CANNOT get enough Community bloopers. Someone should honestly try and give me way too many Community bloopers because it literally could not be enough, no matter how many they give me to watch. -WarmingGlow
  • SPEAKING OF, here’s an on-air news blooper! -TheDailyWhat
  • OH, GROSS! I know we already saw these worlds colliding early today, but we didn’t see them MAKING OUT! Oh goodness barf gracious. I can’t believe this is the same man who starred in my favorite movie of all time, You Can Count On Me. -Celebuzz
  • Javier Bardem is going to be the villain in the new James Bond movie. “COIN TOSS.” Right? I bet he’s going to tell James Bond to have a coin toss, right? Like from that movie? -FilmDrunk
  • The FBI arrested the Scarlett Johansson nude picture hacker and he might get, like, A BILLION years in jail! Don’t hack in to phones, guys! It’s not work it I promise! -TheSuperficial
  • It looks like Leonardo DiCaprio may star in a biopic about math genius Alan Turing. Sounds like it’s gonna be pretty Alan BORING!!!!!! Got’emgot’emgot’em!!! -SlashFilm
  • Johnny Depp had a party at Chateau Marmont and I realized today that if I live my whole life WITHOUT going to a party at Chateu Marmont my life will have been wasted. I don’t even care about Chateau Marmont I just NEED to go to a party there. Please invite me next time you throw one. -JustJared
  • Movieline is talking about some essential “coming out” movies in honor of LGBT history month. I didn’t even know it was that! I’m a jerk! -Movieline
  • Do you think Scorsese’s Hugo will redeem the 3D movies? I think no, but what do I even know about anything. -Salon