New Chet Haze Music Video, Son! #GETCHAZED

Usually, there are two types of music videos: literal and interpretive. In a literal music video, the images line up pretty closely with the lyrics, while in an interpretive music video the visuals are completely separate. (Congratulations on enrolling in and already graduating from Music Video University!) Our boy Chet Haze (#GOTCHEZZ) however has created a whole new paradigm! A music video that seems like it’s on the nose except when you think about it it makes no sense whatsoever! He will be your director and you will be his movie star but actually he is a photographer and you are a model? For TJ Maxx? Also what does wanting to “do it like they do on the big screen” even mean? Like, it lasts five seconds, involves lots of awkward cutaways, and is mostly body doubles? Is that what he means? By the time he says that he can’t wait to see you on his plasma I think even Chet Haze (#GISTCHUUUUZED) is starting to lose the thread. Good song, though. Big spins. Is it just me, or does Chet Haze look TOO comfortable in this video? Girl, you are a BLU RAY. (Thanks for the tip, Keith and dusky panther.)