Jay McInerney Does Not Want 16-Year-Old Girls To Hate Him

Remember when Norman Mailer was on that episode of Gilmore Girls? And Melissa McCarthy yelled at him for not ordering any food even though he had been sitting in the dining room of the Inn while he was being interviewed for a few hours every day? Hahah. LOL. Classic Gilmore Girls. Classic Sookie. And remember how even though it was weird that Norman Mailer was on that TV show, it wasn’t THAT bad because he was there for a reason that seemed plausible and most importantly he was playing himself? Well when Jay McInerney is on Gossip Girl it is noooooot like that at all! He plays a recurring character named Jeremiah Harris and it makes everyone uncomfortable every time he’s on, which is like ALL THE TIME. Vulture stopped him at some sort of champagne fountain party and asked him about it:

All I can say is I’m really glad that I did not let them name the character Jay McInerney, because the character increasingly diverges from me. He has just become a character on the show … Penn [Badgley] was my intern and I fired him [on the show], and that was when I decided I don’t want to be doing this under my own name and have all the 16-year-old girls in America hate me.

Oh yeah, Jeremiah Harris? THAT’S why you decided you don’t want to do the show under your own name? Listen. I fully support Jay McInerney not doing Gossip Girl under his own name, because it’s very embarrassing that he is a regular character on Gossip Girl. And it definitely pays probably like, at least, if I’m being realistic in what I think it pays, $20,000,000,0000000000 an episode. So what are you going to do, NOT do it? You’re definitely not going to not do it. But what I LOVE is the idea that Jay McInerney is not using his own name because his 16-year-old girl A Hedonist in the Cellar sales would drop precipitously. “Of course.” Also what I love is this quote:

As for the recent story line about Vanity Fair publishing an excerpt from Dan’s first novel, McInerney told the writers there was a problem with it. “Vanity Fair doesn’t even publish fiction. I tried to point this out.” he explained. “This is the kind of consultation I do on the set. You know, ‘Hey, guys, they don’t publish fiction.’”

Hahah, perfect. Hey, guys, Gossip Girl is the most perfect show on television. I love it so much. Never change.