Thursday Night TV Open Thread

I thought last night was pretty good across the board. Nothing really stood out to me too much as being a clear “best of the night,” but they were all certainly enjoyable. Omar was great on Community, I thought. I forget the exact line but when he said the thing about legos — “I’m not saying I have a problem with it, I just want to know what happened.” Hahah. That was very good! I do feel like the “aren’t we a weird, codependent group” thing is something I’m A LITTLE tired of, but then again “aren’t we a weird codependent group” is pretty much the basis of Community and Community is my favorite show on Thursdays. Sooooo. I guess that’s why it’s my favorite show? Because I am a crazy person. Abed’s face in the final scene was perfect. Parks and Recreation was a great blend of funny and heartwarming, no doy. “Ben, I’m cute with everybody,” and “Is she going to powder her vagina?” were great. The waffles speech was a delight. The Office was fine. One thing I’ll say about it is I think I actually really like Andy as the boss — the scene where he was explaining to Darrel why he didn’t get the job was very good. Whitney was perfect as always, LOTS of really funny, fresh stuff that didn’t even make me upset at all. And on FX, It’s Always Sunny was very funny. I know I’m throwing out a lot of quotes today but, “You guys all better eat a dick” was my favorite thing of the night. Lots of LOLs. The League premiered, which is exciting, but it’s unfortunate that it has never really lived up to its first season. In my opinion. We’ll see though! It was only the first episode. Also: Seth Rogan. GOOOOOD night, over all.