Heaven Just Got A Little More Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs isn’t a person or even the type of person who is ever really talked about on Videogum. That is to say, he isn’t an actor, or an animal, or a baby, or someone who has recently had a trampoline accident. But it would seem kind of odd or off not to acknowledge his death in the standard Videogum way. (Which also generally includes a quote from a source, so here is the New York Times: )

Steven P. Jobs, the visionary co-founder of Apple who helped usher in the era of personal computers and then led a cultural transformation in the way music, movies and mobile communications were experienced in the digital age, died Wednesday. He was 56.

But it would seem odd not to acknowledge it for a lot of reasons, the least of which being that, as far as I know, Videogum (as well as close to every blog on Earth, probably) is written exclusively using products he invented. Plus a real source of contention in my relationship with Gabe is that we both have iPhones and he’s always upset that my white iPhone is cooler than his black iPhone. So it seems appropriate. A lot of people are saying some really great things about it (some of us may have been up since 7 this morning reading basically every Steve Jobs obituary on the Internet and being surprised at how much they are crying about it, I don’t know who but just some of us maybe have been doing that) so I’d like to point you in the direction of a few: Wired, Gizmodo, the New York Times from before, and this collection of quotes from New York Magazine.

R.I.P. Steve Jobs. You’re in heaven now, revolutionizing the way the angels view and use technology.