Who Should Be The Voice Of Mr. Ed In The Mr. Ed Movie?

This is just what life is. A wheel of garbage. And we all know that the worst place to be on the wheel of garbage is at the top, because from there you can only descend. It can only get worse. Though it’s counterintuitive, the best place to be on the wheel of garbage is at the bottom, where it can only get better. So here at the bottom of the wheel of garbage, we’ve found an exciting bit of news! From The Hollywood Reporter:

Fox 2000 has picked up the film rights to the classic talking horse Mr. Ed for David Friendly’s Friendly Films and Jim Mahoney to produce. No writer or director is yet attached to the live-action family film, which Fox 2000’s Carla Hackan will shepherd. As in the original show, Fox 2000 will use a real horse. The studio will use CGI to animate the horse’s mouth.

O Garbage Fortuna. I guess we can’t complain, though. We aren’t actively fighting AGAINST Mr. Ed becoming a movie, so unless we take up arms against it we can only give in. We can only talk about which actors we’d like to see as the voice behind the CGI horse mouth. It’s literally all we can do. SO LET’S DO IT!

Vincent Gallo

Danny Devito

H. Jon Benjamin

Someone Doing An Ace Ventura Impression

Actual Horse

Ryan Gosling

Someone Doing An Austin Powers Impression

Chuck Bass

Someone Doing A The Mask Impression

Actual Borat

Well, there we go. I did MY duty here as a citizen of this planet. Now it’s your turn. If you want. To do your duty as a citizen of this planet. And talk about the voice of Mr. Ed. Aaaaand ACTION!