Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Because the movie Dream House is coming out, Movieline invites you to build your own nightmare dream house using nighmare rooms from horror movies. I think mine would be 80% blood elevators fromThe Shining and then 20% decomposing women bathrooms from The Shining. -Movieline
  • Here’s an interview with Zoe Kazan about the play she’s writing and the movie she’s making and her boyfriend Paul Dano. Great! Lovely. -Vulture
  • Gabe Delahaye’s Frida Pinto is GQ’s woman of the year. Congrats to the happy couple. -ONTD
  • Oh speaking of Gabe, he made an appearance on Julie Klausner’s podcast this week! Listen to it! He talks about lists, mostly. Like, “Oooh, I loooove lists.” -HowWasYourWeek
  • NBC ordered two more episodes of Parenthood! Congratulations to Parenthood! Maybe you will watch it now? -HollywoodReporter
  • Ashton Kutcher no longer follows Demi Moore on Twitter. It’s time to choose sides! Which one will YOU unfollow just kidding you guys probably don’t follow either of them. Right? Guys? -TheSuperficial
  • Joel McHale wrote an article about how he used to be a real footballer in college. What a dreamboat! -Grantland
  • A woman named Julie made a Star Trek “quiet book” for children and it is adorable. -JuliesBlog
  • Ryan Gosling got Eva Mendes a gift certificate. -FilmDrunk
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm predicted the nightmare that was the emoticon in a New York Times headline, apparently. Personally I wish NYT headlines were made up exclusively of emoticons. Then we’d know what type of story we were about to read. >:-| -TheDailyWhat
  • In case you were wondering how much the cast of the new American Pie movie got paid to be in it, here is how much they got paid to be in it. Even Tara Reid’s meager salary is still a lot. Maybe we should get into being famous actors? -Dlisted
  • Someone pulled a GREAT bologna prank on Justin Theroux. -Celebuzz
  • Here are some picture of Marion Cotillard and Lea Michele after they “bumped into each other at the airport.” My question is, do they know each other? Or were they just like, we’re both famous, want to talk now? What did they talk about? There are lots of unanswered questions in these pictures. -JustJared
  • Baseball writers are talking about what the best baseball movie of all time is, over at Salon. I’d say Angels In the Outfield probably, or Field of Dreams. But I’m no expert. -Salon