Draw Something: Women’s Hairstyle Evolution Video Needs A Definitive Early 2000s Hairstyle

Hellooooo, ladies! How are you? How is your hair? Terrible and you never know what to do with it, and even after you pay someone to do it it still looks bad so you’ve pretty much given up? Me too! So obviously a video showing hairstyles from people who knew exactly what to do with their hair from cavewoman times until current times is great. The hairstyles are cool, it’s only four minutes long, and it kind of makes you feel like you understand history. I admit, there’s a part where they change hairstyles behind a fan did make me unreasonably upset (as it ruined the conceit of the entire video, HELLO), but I’m willing to look past it. I’m also willing to look past the Moby soundtrack. Something I am unwilling to look past, though, is the fact that after the ’80s they kind of just give up? Have there been NO definitive hairstyles since then? What about the alternative hairstyles of the ’90s? What about at least those? Barring those, though, it may be true that there have been no definitive hairstyles since then. What a boring group of people we all are. So why not take a poorly photoshopped (not “photoshopped” for real, but, you know) cutout of the lady in the video and invent one that we can all wear together until it becomes a thing? Great!

Yeah, because we’ve ALL just had long slightly wavy hair since the ’80s ended and then we put on a scarf, give me a break. Ok, so here is your template:

As always, I will be using SumoPaint to make mine because I am a professional. So here it goes:

Looking gooooooooood! (Via BuzzFeed.)