Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • The Muppets are going to be guest hosting Monday Night Raw on October 31st. So that makes sense and I guess keep your regular DVR settings and we’ll all talk about it November 1st! -WhatCulture
  • Ryan Gosling was on Conan last night and discussed a number of unbearably endearing topics, like Disney World cat barracks and hoping his Drive character will be someone people “go as for Halloween.” A regular cutebot from the planet Melty Heart, this guy. -MediaMarket
  • Guess who the only person in the world who calls Lenny Kravitz “Leonard” is? Guess? It really makes sense so don’t think too hard, just the first person who comes to mind. -Dlisted
  • Taylor Lautner cried while watching Breaking Dawn I guess but who can even blame him. Movies are sad sometimes. Sometimes you just have to cry at them. -TheSuperficial
  • Not to make everything I ever say about Ryan Gosling these days, but have you guys seen the interview where he says he’s going to quit movies to make babies? That is a little weird but also very cute and also “sign me up” – everybody. -FilmDrunk
  • “Real time face-swapping technology.” This is weird, watch it. -TheDailyWhat
  • Guys, the New Girl theme was put online today and it is so bad! Oh my goodness. I don’t know why any of Zooey Deschanel’s friends don’t tell her to just please stop singing. Does she have any friends? What is going on with her friends? -Vulture
  • Which movie do you think Brad Pitt wants as his legacy? FIGHT CLUB? It’s not Fight Club, spoiler alert. -Movieline
  • Ooh, here’s an article about why everybody loves old-timey sexism and how you can get your fix, even without Mad Men. -Salon
  • I guess Glee premieres tonight. Are you going to watch it? You should watch Parenthood instead. Or go to Mr. Coconuts. I’m not sure if Glee and Parenthood are on at the same time but maybe you didn’t watch last week’s Parenthood and you should probably catch up before you watch this week’s. -Celebuzz
  • Ooooooh, click on this one if you’re ready for some VERY GOOD Blair Witch related news. -HuffingtonPost